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Dr. Christian Guilleminault

Celebration of Dr. Guillerminault’s life at the
2019 World Sleep Congress in Vancouver

The late Dr. Christian Guilleminault, MD was a legendary sleep medicine pioneer and professor at Stanford Medical Center who was passionate about making the world a better place by identifying and addressing the root causes of sleep related breathing dysfunctions. He said: 

“We have to create a new world which will be better for everybody.  We have to take risks. We have to prevent it. We have to spread the knowledge around the world.”

Dr. Christian Guilleminault, Boston SMRF 2017

Dr. Guilleminault led the charge on research regarding mouth breathing, orofacial development and function. We honor you CG, your research and your life. Your vision and legacy lives on. 

Marc Moeller, Joy Moeller & Samantha Weaver

Marc & Joy Moeller & Samantha Weaver are also contributing to fulfilling Dr. Guilleminault’s vision with their seemingly non-stop efforts and travels to more than 40 countries spreading awareness around the world, sharing research, and connecting like-minded professionals committed to create change that will benefit everyone. They proudly lend their efforts to spread Guilleminault’s vision as they tirelessly teach and raise awareness about orofacial development and function and its connection to sleep related breathing dysfunction.