In January 2017 there was a Strategy Symposium at Stanford to Identify Key Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders Affecting Sleep organized by Marc Moeller.

Click for link to 2017 Stanford Symposium flier

 In February 2017 Cynthia Peterson originated and created a tool with pictures she called FAirEST and used it to asses and track correlations, connections and possible co-morbidities between the head, neck and jaw problems she saw in her patients. She also used this to communicate these with her patients and other medical and dental professionals. 

Marc Moeller encouraged Cynthia to present FAirEST in a brainstorming session with other clinicians and world renowned researchers at the AAMS Research meeting in Chicago in March 2017.

Dr. Zaghi and Cynthia started to collaborate after the Chicago meeting combining Soroush’s phenomenal medical training and research experience with Cynthia’s determination to focus her time, talents and energy on research and prevention.